Changing from the CJ/coaching subject, I think this team could use some additional grit up front, as well as, another Top-4 DMan. 

I have been racking my mind to come up with a guy that they could go after, preferably someone that can take a top-6/9 slot and plays with some grit/jam.  My thought is Wheeler for one of these guys (Sorry Stanley and NAS).

The only guys that I can think of that fir the bill and might also be available are:

David Clarkson- he is having an awful season for an awful team (4-3-7 in 32gp).  Only 26, in year 1 of a 3-yr deal with a cap hit of $2.67M.

Chris Neil- Sens are 10th in the Conf., but Neil's production is down (2-7-9 in 32gp).  Neil is 31, and in year 2 of a 4-yr deal with a cap hit of $2M.

I also like Downie, Backes and Burrows, but hard to see how their respective teams give them up.

So what do you think of...
Blake Wheeler for David Clarkson.  Likely also have to waive Paille to free up a little space.