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Habs couldn't buy or cheat their way to round 2

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    Habs couldn't buy or cheat their way to round 2

    Refs must be bummed...they tried their hardest to have the Habs win.
    Dives, faking injury...what a circus act the Habs are. What a bunch of cheaters!!! If they didn't get the bogus calls in the series they would have been eliminated games ago. Subban blows a kiss to the fans!? Can't wait until next year and we are playing them in a reg season game...watchout PK Cheater.

    I am thrilled that we can watch real hockey now. 

    Will the NHL have anything to say about his? How about the officiating? 
    Fans cant be expected to pay the kind of money they are to watch a freakin circus act. It's not about who has the most talent anymore, but who has the refs in their pocket. Subban, Hamrlik and Halpern should be suspended for the bs they tried to pull last night. After what happened to Maxipad, it obvious that the Montreal organization teaches and promotes cheating. 
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