Being a bundle o nerves all day long on a beautiful June Day - pacing the house for hours on end and driving my wife loopy. Heading to my brother's house two hours before game time, pulling the TV into the front yard and setting up our beer cooler.

Then game time - sitting on the edge ofmy seat, freaking out when Marchand made a fool of Salo and slipped the puck to |Bergeron in the slot. Then Bergeron's shortie, and Lou's own goal. Not believeing that it could actually be happening until the final buzzer.

Freaking out and hugging my brother.

Then driving home and seeing massive plumes of smoke rising above the downtown core.

And finally popping into my corner pub to buy a six-pack at the end of the night still with my jersey on and the regulars all standing up and clapping for me.

Great memories (for the most part).