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Has this team changed in 2011?

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    Re: Has this team changed in 2011?

    I hope so. i LIKE TO SEE THEM GO TO THE NET. Is it me or is wheeler looking better wit each game. If it is a new system at work I think he'd benefit the most from it.
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    Re: Has this team changed in 2011?

    you are kind of misrepresenting their record: They are 4-1-2. The two OT losses easily could have and should have been wins with third period collapses against MONT and BUF. This means that they have taken 10 out of a possible 14 points to start the new year. This has been a very nice stretch for the bruins.

    Reasons I believe they have turned it around:
    (1) Patrice Bergeron has been a force in recent works....he has been their offensive go to guy
    (2) The play of the supporting cast has been very good. Marchand has really stepped it up
    (3) The play of Kampfer and Seidenberg in terms of offense has been a pleasant surprise recently. Chara has also started to score a couple goals recently.
    (4) Tuukka Rask has been better of late also with a couple wins under his belt after seeing more time in net. Tim Thomas has definitely been more human of late which of course was expected. He was average at best against philly last night. The ODonnell goal was quite poor because he wasnt even square to the puck and he was guessing what SOD was going to do rather than let the play come to him.