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Help me understand ...

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    Help me understand ...

    Capgeek is counting Savard's 4M towards the cap. Why isnt he on LTIR?  Is there a disadvantage to putting someone on LTIR?

    It has us something like 8M under the cap (w/ savards 4 counting towards).  Could we really create 12M by putting Savard on LTIR?  Would there be disadvantages to this?

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    Re: Help me understand ...

    He is not on LTIR because we do not need the cap space at this point in time.  If we get to the point where we need the space he would be placed on LTIR.  I don't exactly know why they are doing this but I heard someone saying that it would affect the insurance rates going forward and by not putting him on LTIR, it would actually end up saving money for Jacobs.

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    Re: Help me understand ...

    I can't remember the exact math - Dr. CC explained it in detail a while back - but putting him on LTIR limits the amount of Cap space you can "bank" over the course of the year.  Even though we look at the Cap as an annual calculation, it's really a game by game thing.  So if you have enough cap space to pay $10M more annually and still stay under the cap, at the half-way point of the season, you can pick up a guys who total about $20M annually because you're only on the hook for the remaining cheques and so only that $10M counts against your cap.  Not only does this not accumulate for a guy on LTIR, but his salary has to toll against that available balance before you can exceed the cap.  You might also have to pay back LTIR overages against next year's cap just like rookie bonuses.

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    Re: Help me understand ...

    I also remember learning about this from Dr. CC a while back, but I believe that Bookboy has captured it.  Bottom line is that it makes sense to hold off as long as possible to use the LTIR, if ever.

    The next question is how much of that cap space should be used for re-signings next year, and will that limit the Bruins to smaller one-year deals this spring, or could they actually make a deadline deal splash?

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    Re: Help me understand ...

    Short version: placing him on LTIR has no effect on the teams' cap calculations until the team acquires salary that would put them over the cap limit.  LTIR gives relief for going over the cap, not voidance of the cap hit.*


    *I'm assuming that this has not changed in the new CBA.


    Edits: I just realized there is a little more to your question, so let me take a crack at those parts too.  If I am reading capgeek correctly they are not including Savard's potential LTIR in that $12M number.  So they could increase that number by whatever is left on Savard's contract the day that he is placed on LTIR and they get another player.

    I've still never conclusively figured out if LTIR overages have to be paid back the next year.