Heres a big time splash

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    Heres a big time splash

    Bob Mack from tsn reported sather listening for offers on gaborik how about this. We trade TO's 1st Joel Colbourne Micheal Ryder Dan Paille for Marian. Ryder replaces Gaborik for the year and they get too blue chippers and save money for Richards in the summer. We shed 5.1 million in salaries and take back 7.5 cap hit 2.4..... Then we call Chicago and offer up Stuart and Hamil 2.6 in salaries for Seabrook 3.5 so we gain another roughly million of cap hit.Savards LTI is 4 so it all fits thats cup material

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    Re: Heres a big time splash

    Did you know Ryder has as many Goals as Gaborik this year?

    He is also 1/5 as injury prone. Seems like a terrible way to make a splash unless PC plans on taking off to aruba after this deal and making his splash in a  cruise liner pool, because he'd be forced to retire after that one.