Here's why Bruins will beat the Canucks in Game 6

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    Here's why Bruins will beat the Canucks in Game 6

    The series has built up so much anamosity towards each team. Luongo shooting off his mouth saying he would have made the save that Thomas let in last game. In addition, Aaron Rome said that given the same chance he would have delivered the same hit. How stupid can these Canuck players be?

    If these comments don't light a fire under the Bruins tonight nothing will. This coupled with the B's getting the last change, home crowd fever and apparently Raymond Bourque night at TD Gardens will set the Bruins on fire. Bruins will be alot more physically than in Game 5.

    Bruins will dictate the game with their physical play, win the majority of face-offs and get solid play from the defensemen. Thomas will be at his best and the Bruins win a great game heading to Vancouver for Game 7. Go Bruins!
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