he's not gone??

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    Re: he's not gone??

    Whatever I missed it sure was funny, here. TGTHSIO (Thank Gad the Hockey Strike Is Over)



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    Re: he's not gone??

    It was pretty sad, but a microscope on today's pussbag America.

    One guy made a lighthearted joke about the other guy's girl changing teams.

    The other guy flipped out and tried to rally support, claiming mental anguish and something about

    a girl that has gone missing.


    And everyone else just shook their heads.

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    Re: he's not gone??

    In response to Not-A-Shot's comment:

    You're a straight guy, bent because of his "homophobic" slam and yet our resident card carrier is telling you to relax.

    This is like the time that the Mind Other People's Business crew got Speedy Gonzales pulled for being hurtful to Mexicans, only to have the Mexicans demand their cult hero be put back on tv.

    If you have problems in your personal life, go deal with them.  Don't look for reasons to talk about them here, unless they are comical, like BHab's ex-wife stories.

    The irony didn't escape me.