Hey CJ - No Offense = No fun

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    Re: Hey CJ - No Offense = No fun

    I completely agree with you. This team has too much talent to end up with 1-2 goals per game. By all account this team is underperforming. It may third in the east, but this is all illusion. A loss to the Habs on Saturday and the B's will be back in 8th.

    It is time for the organization to get a coach that will bring more creativity to the team. Guy Boucher in Tampa Bay is a good example of a young coach who does not stifle talent.
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    Re: Hey CJ - No Offense = No fun

    Dump and chase, Dump and chase, Dump and chase, Dump and chase, Dump and chase, Dump and chase, Dump and chase, Dump and chase, Dump and chase, Dump and chase.....

    This team has too much talent for dump and chase hockey. 
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    Re: Hey CJ - No Offense = No fun


    and his croanies.. offense isnt the major issue with this team its a mid pack offensive team.. the defense is to notch they need to put both together consistantly.. and I am guessing sebago your just a troll since this is the second time I have seen a paul coffey reference in 2 weeks by someone with no idea what they are talking about. thank you for explaining he is a (slightly offensive defensemen) just to clarify your lack of knowledge of the game..

    Great quote when talking about a guy with over 1500 points who holds the single season record for goals by a defensemen, as well as 11 other "offensive" records by a dman...
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    Re: Hey CJ - No Offense = No fun

    the defense is to notch they need to put both together consistantly

    Roller ignoring the trollish OP this teams defense is not top notch. They have one top player in Chara then a significant drop off to Siedenberg. Stuart is a solid 5th and Kampfer is a freshy. Boychuck-McQuaid are 6th defenseman material at best. Ference though reliable this year is a 5th at best. Its a major area they need to improve.

    IMO Deal from some of that offensive depth and 2nd round picks to get a scoring winger(not superstar) and top2 defenseman on this team.
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    Re: Hey CJ - No Offense = No fun

    Paul Coffey? One thing about Coffey was his ability to get into the offensive zone and score, and act like a fourth forward on the ice. Really bad analogy there. As for the contention that the players are hampered by Julien's style.

    I talked about this another thread. It comes down to this. Atlanta is trying the let them go or just go-go-go approach, and it's a risky proposition to play that type of hockey. In my opinion, the B's are forced into having to play a controlled game because they really have no rushing d-men on the team. What they have is slower than molasses skaters such as Chara, Seidenberg, Ference, McQuaid, with sort of skating Boychuk, and one true skater---Kampfer of all people. Except the guys mentioned are also liabilities once someone gets behind them. They can block shots, and stay well in a controlled atmosphere with the forwards helping.

    Trying to play what amounts to a 4-on-4 for the B's is mostly a disaster. They just don't have the speed to compete in a rush to rush game. Wideman and Hunwick were two guys who could get out of the zone quick or move the puck, but in both cases, they also coughed up the puck quite a bit trying to gain the edge offensively. It's a risky business. You people want high-powered goals and I'm telling you there is no way this team could possibly be a 1st place team or even close to its current record playing that style.

    The B's have so many of the same type players--Horton, Ryder, Recchi, Wheeler, Lucic...These are guys who can score, and can make some nice plays offensively if they are open. But having high-skilled centers like Bergeron, Savard and Krecji and those 3 simply don't have snipers or fast skaters to complement their skilled, slick passing patterns. Instead you do have several passes that are whiffed, or passes that turn into weak, off-balance shots. You put Malkin, Ovechkin, Kopitar, and players of that ilk with the 3 centers, and it would be goals galore.

    Bottom line, the team HAS TO PLAY controlled, defensive hockey. It's the only way to stay in games, especially considering how many games already this season where the B's goalie saved the team. The 7-6 game was a great example of what happens when you loosen things and take chances. The game was not a 2-pointer for B's. Something that would be the case had they closed down the lanes when it was 4-2 or even 5-4....

    I get that you want exciting hockey. But I want winning hockey. Complaining about a team that is in 1st place is beyond silly. What the hell else do you want??? It's not the playoffs yet. The PP is the team's biggest failure, and there are ways to improve that. But changing the style of game in the 5-on-5 is a losing situation to me.

    Just my opinion.