Sunday will be a great day for hockey fans. Even though the Bruins arent on, there will be a slate of great hockey all day long.

Regional coverage begins at 12:30 with 3 games:

Philadelphia @ New York (R)

Washington @ Buffalo

Detroit @ Minnesota

Then at 3:30, it is Pittsburgh @ Chicago in front of a national audience.

Those 4 games are on NBC

Thr day concludes with the Heritage classic outdoor game between the Habs and Flames in Calgary. That game is on Versus at 6 ET.

The one question I have for those who may have an idea. I'm curious as to which 12:30 game I will get. I live in a Boston suburb, about 10-15 miles from the city. Just wondering which game out of the first 3 I get. I really want Flyers/Rags, but I'd be happy with Wings/Wild. Im sick of Washington and Buffalo is boring. I really hope I dont get that game. If anyone knows which game I'll most likely get, or if you have somewhat of an idea, it would be greatly appreciated.