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[QUOTE]In Response to Re: Horton Day-to-Day with undisclosed injury : No we don't Chiarelli only has 200K right now so my pipe dream of actually seeing what Sauve can do up in Boston with NHL talent (well some have talent ?) is just that wishful thinking so Paille it is. PC needs to clear room now because most teams will be finished making major moves before Feb. 28th. That date is not that far away now. If PC waits to long he will run into the same problem he had last season not enough cap room then he'll have to waive someone.
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Cap Geek lists them at 388K and Sauve salary including bonus is 846 prorated for rest of season is at 418K only 30 K from calling up Sauve, Arniel at 700K could be called up as he would only cost 347K still not going to happen.