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    Re: Horton??

    you guy's are starting to sound like habs fans,always complaining,in case you missed it were in first place!!
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    Re: Horton??

    Legion: True enough re: Lucic's ENGs, but a) you still gotta hit the net (think of all the times guys haven't and it came back to haunt them); and b) take away the four ENGs and he still leads the team in goals.  Point being, Lucic isn't a chucker who just throws the puck on net.  He's fairly accurate, has a deceptive release, has the ability to shoot out of traffic or in odd positions, and has a heavy shot.   Why you'd want to tell him not to shoot because Horton's the designated shooter, I do not know.

    Lucic also creates shots for himself.  How about we see a bit more of that from Nate?  Someone else did point out that Horton is just off right now, and that's true - he's hit more than his share of posts.  All the more reason he needs to bear down.  Often enough, your shot is off because you're being that fraction lazy about getting into good position, getting to the puck early enough etc. etc.
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    Re: Horton??

    Yeah, Lucic has 4 EN's so he's only shooting 16 plus % with a goalie in net.. Still have to go out and get those empty netters though right??

    I can't believe all the whining though over players playing time.. Marchand wasn't playing cause he was hurt, clearly Julien likes his game this year though.. Paille has played the fewest number of games amongst all forwards but has certainly earned his ice time as of late and yes that does make him a  more difficult scratch.. He has played physical and has good speed.. Especially when Seguin is not lighting it up right now.. Not putting up points.. and most of your arent watching seguin honestly as the player he is.. Flashes of a good player, but right now, right now, his current game isnt that solid, there are lots of mistakes which should be expected.  He isn't solid on the break out on the boards and he isnt getting to the net.. there is a lot of areas he needs to work on, which he can do in practice, thats what practice is there for.. When he earns the time, he will get more..
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    Re: Horton??

    ok ok fair enough BB and Roler I do understand it takes accuracy to put the puck into an empty net. I've missed my fair share . I gotta tell you when you see that net wide open you get all too excited.  LOL
    Both Lucic and Horton are having trouble lighting it up but the Bruins just won 3 games straight and are in 1st place in the division therefore it's not a factor. 
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    Re: Horton??

    Its simple, horton and lucic are basically still in training camp, why ? because savard is.
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    Re: Horton??

    In Response to Re: Horton??:
    Its simple, horton and lucic are basically still in training camp, why ? because savard is.
    Posted by wallydouglas

    That's an exaggeration but not much of one--it's actually a very good point. I hope B's fans will be patient w/Savard b/c he IS in training camp...and yes, that does affect those he plays with b/c they're not getting the best timing/passes from #91...but Looch and Horton ARE ultimately responsible for picking up the slack...they know the deal w/Savvy and they'll need to work that much harder to get goals and create chances.

    I'm not nearly as down on Horton as some fans (and CJ) seem to be. One thing I don't get at all is CJ's quote that "Horton's a guy who needs support"--spmething to that effect--that he doesn't want to tear the guy down, but buiod up his confidence and "work w/him" how exactly does essentially benching him for most of the 3rd period build up his confidence????
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