Horton's indifference

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    Horton's indifference

    First post to anything ever. I can't hold back.

    What I witnessed from Horton at the 20:00 mark of the 3rd.  confirmed what most of the league was saying about him. He is big, strong, talented and soft. No fire in the belly. Not willing to step it up on a nightly basis and what's worse not willing to step it up physically when called upon. When the captian was showing some moxy out of frustration he was climbing on his back trying to hold him back. When a Sabre was molesting a recently returned concussion victim he couldn't find the nerve to even drop his stick let alone his gloves and lend a hand. He pawed at the guys back gloves on stick in hand and relied on the linesman to defuse it. We had Krejci and Bergeron tanggling but Oh No not our  6'-2" 230 lb smiley face. Somebody has got to light a fire under this guy. 

    So far the book on him has been more fact that fiction. He has so much more to give and with the moniker of professional hockey player he is obliged to do so.

    There I did it.
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    Re: Horton's indifference

    "When a Sabre was molesting a recently returned concussion victim he couldn't find the nerve to even drop his stick"

    Yeah - I noticed it also...sad. I've seen the signs of an extremely talented player who just doesn't seem to be engaged emotionally. After watching Horton's talents on display, it always leaves me questioning just how in the he!l did Florida let this guy go for Dennis Wideman? Sorry for beating the same old drum - but these type of incidents are continually repeating themselves, they are small examples of a much larger serious problem that will stop this team from ever winning anything. BUT, on a positive note...the Bruins were well positioned in the neutral zone to the delight of their coach ! 
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    Re: Horton's indifference

    Not sure what your problem is...he's almost a point per game player which is more than can be expected. He also creates chances for himself out of nothing alot of the time. He's not the problem. These are the problems:

    1. Clod - gets outcoached and doesn't motivate
    2. Bergeron - overpaid for mediocre production..too much ice time for little     results
    3. Wheeler - was once a creative player somehow Clod has ruined him
    4. Savard - looks like a nothing player without elite wingers (Kessel/Kovy)
    5. Chara - doesn't lead at all physically or verbally....just plays his position