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In Response to Re: How shoud PC split games this year between Thomas and Rask? : Who are you to decide what type of Bruins fan I am? You don't have to prove your credentials as a Bruins fan to me & I certainly don't have to prove my credentials to you as a Bs fan. I think your post says a lot more about you then it do about me. Last I checked this site is an opinion "message board" for the Boston Bruins. It is my opinion that Thomas can be viewed as an "excuse maker". Someone mentioned in a post that I was a Thomas " hater" & making things up. I went and found an article that I had read in the past & posted it to show I wasn't making this stuff up & there is stuff out there regarding this guy. I wasn't going out of my way I was simply showing an article to back up my claims/opinion on Thomas when you & other posters called me out. It appears you love Tim Thomas & don't like hearing what some people feel about him. That's fine. I can live with that, but how you can post a message saying I am "poor excuse for a Bruins fan" on an internet message board is a little over the top. I really don't take this stuff to personally. I am a huge Bergeron fan. There are people that think he is overpaid. I am not going to blast them & say they are "a post excuse of a fan" because they feel he is overpaid. Thats what a debate is for. As you can see I really have no interest in getting in an internet pissing match with you. Am I a Tim Thomas fan? Absolutely not. Not pretending to be. But the guy had one of the greatest seasons I have witnessed in the NHL. Good for him & better for the Bruins. But for me, that does not change the vibe & impression I have of the guy.
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Valid & good points! I'll shut up now. Go Bruins & GO THOMAS!!