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    I follow the Habs since i'm a Roy/Price fan and all there doing now is making fools of themselves. If you youtube Pacciorety/Eaton you'll see Max lay him out with a totally illegal hit. 98.5 here touched on it a bit and it is a total illegal hit. While the Chara play had worse results this one is actually illegal.
    To get Law Enforcement involved states such idiocricy on part of the fans/organization and doesn't say much of the credibility of the law agency either. It's actually kind of sad this proud franchise has stooped this low.
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    Re: Hypocrits!!!!!!

    That hit was so much worse. Max saw Eaton's back from the blue line in and still drilled him. All Chara did was try to prevent a guy that beat him to the outside from getting a break in on net.

    These Habs fans are just making fools of themselves. It was such an awful. I sure hope he heals quickly but legal action and death threats from the fans are just ridiculous.

    The other thing that bugs me is people saying Chara and Max had a history and that played into it. Give me a break. Sure Chara was PO'ed when Max shoved him in OT a couple games ago but is that really enough to cause a person to hit someone like this intentionally? Chara was probably over that little shove by the time he got on the plane that night.

    This is just all so over the top silly. It was a relatively harmless hit that had a horrific result due to the location of the hit. That's it. No malice or intent unlike Max on Eaton.

    All that said, get well soon kid. You were turning into a good player and were fun to watch even though you are on the Habs.