I hate the month of Feb.

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    I hate the month of Feb.

    Every team is playing so tight especially the teams in the comfortable play-off spot. Players are waiting to be called up to the office to be told they are traded.Our Bruins have not been the same since they pounded Montreal they seem to be very tense and they need to chill out. I am having a difficult time watching the gms. just get this month over with. The Bruins will be a 50/50 team this month and will pick it up in March. Once the deadline is over with, everything will be back to normal then next the play-offs, I am content that the Bruins are in this situation could be worse could be Carolina Atlanta Buffalo fighting their hearts out to get that eight spot. Even though the Bruins are better on the road they still need home ice advantage to get the fans involved.

    The other teams in the east Pit without Crosby or Malkin. Washington goal scoring slump. Atl from 5th place to struggling for a play-off spot. I am not worried about the B's every team needs a slump once the Bruins players get their heads out their butt they will be back to top form.
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    Re: I hate the month of Feb.

    I agree.  Better to face a little bit of adversity now.  They will be fine at least until they hit the 2nd round.