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I miss Bergie

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    Re: I miss Bergie

    In response to kelvana33's comment:

    Hopefully he's back soon, and with the addition of Soderberg, perhaps gets some stabiltiy line wise just in time for the playoffs.


    I'll say it right now, Lucic is going to have a monster playoff.

    I was thinking just that the other night.  So many bad bounces and pucks not gone his way. I can see the stars aligning for him ion the playoffs

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    Re: I miss Bergie

    1st in TOI per game forwards in Bos,

    23rd overall TOI for centers in league, 73rd for PP time, 21st for SHtime(Kelly is 15th), tied for 2nd +/-, 1st in faceoff %, 18th in points

    His complete game is lauded throughout the league, Iwould miss him no matter who returned,over last 3 years not one center has a better plus minus that has been listed so far.

    But I would take Cros and Malk.

    Stam, Getz, E.Staal would all b fun to have would love to see their production under CJ.

    Toews and Datsyuk are similar players and also the heart of their teams that could play their exact games under CJ.

    None of any of the others pique my interest even tho I still like JT and his game.

    Berg is all class, I want him to stay injury free and his play will take him to the hall.  I have been hoping that all this latest has been taking the extreme in precautions and giving a good rest b4 playoffs. We can win without him but everyone has to be at top of their game and the Jagr and Yeti must be big contributors as well as Kelly and of course Rask.

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    Re: I miss Bergie

    so much fuss over a "second line winger" (wink)