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I really dont understand the B's

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    I really dont understand the B's

    The recipe was very simple to beat the Habs.
    Hit the small players.  Intimidate them and if possible, throw the gloves at least once. Without forgetting that it is necessary to disturb Carey Price most often as possible. If u do that simples gestures in first period, then you can wait to a one-way game for the last 40 min.

    Bruins play a real incomprehensive flat game.

    Chara is as slow as Gill. Plekanec skate around him at least 5 times.

    And can you tell the B's Captain to go and buy a tripod-chair instead of sitting on Pleky at the end of the 3rd period. Then Julien come on air  after the game and says "no no we weren't frustrated". Mouaaa 

    Did S. Thornton was hurt or sick ? The one who should have light some fires. 7 shifts for 5:10 TOI ??

    Marchand was the only one to show some guts. But are you waiting just him to bring the team in second round ?

    Price finally win a serie's game, first since april 2008. Thanks Bruins to allow him to wash away those terrific "vieux démons" that Price got above his shoulder !!!

    Funny fact, by winning on Thursday, Price recorded his all-time 3th shoutout win in playoffs ... and the 3 were against ... Boston :))

    T. Kaberle ... what a trade !!! Very nice move by GM ...

    The game on Saturday is a must-win game for Boston !
    Can you imagine a 0-2 trailing and be back to Montreal !!
    Who is in panic situation now ... Who want to call 911 !!!

    I hope today B's had been listening carefully Professor Claude Julien during their lesson 101 "how to put his little nose in front of the goaltender".
    Cause shooting 40 times from outside spots or bad angles, you will never pass through Price. You could shoot 100 times like this, he will stop ALL.

    With my best regards ...
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    Re: I really dont understand the B's

    Suddenly I feel like eating a poutine but I also got a headache from the spelling..... or lack there of!

    Go B's!