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Ahem...I offer Mr. stevegm an olive branch. I have said everything I want to say about this, explained my point in great detail, and I think we've reached a conclusion here that I am happy with.  I don't even know what you're evolving point is about with the 'TT being called a Nazi stuff, but people are tired of our bickering and I'm sure we both have better things to do. So sorry for the frustrations and I offer you a cyber handshake.  Let's move on and up. If you choose to carry on here, you will be yelling at the wall, because I'm all done.  Chao.
Posted by Fletcher1

Hey, you're makin it sound like there's animosity.  None here.  Spirited debate, that's all, and I can understand you not wanting to go on.
Olive branch?...ha  I'll do better than that.....I'll buy ya a whole olive. 
Your handshake was, is, and always will be warmly, enthusiatically reciprocated.
I sincerely enjoy reading your thoughts fletch.
stay thirsty my friend