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[QUOTE]Ahem...I offer Mr. stevegm an olive branch. I have said everything I want to say about this, explained my point in great detail, and I think we've reached a conclusion here that I am happy with.  I don't even know what you're evolving point is about with the 'TT being called a Nazi stuff, but people are tired of our bickering and I'm sure we both have better things to do. So sorry for the frustrations and I offer you a cyber handshake.  Let's move on and up. If you choose to carry on here, you will be yelling at the wall, because I'm all done.  Chao.
Posted by Fletcher1[/QUOTE]

Hey, you're makin it sound like there's animosity.  None here.  Spirited debate, that's all, and I can understand you not wanting to go on.
Olive branch?...ha  I'll do better than that.....I'll buy ya a whole olive. 
Your handshake was, is, and always will be warmly, enthusiatically reciprocated.
I sincerely enjoy reading your thoughts fletch.
stay thirsty my friend