If, if, if, if, if

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    Re: If, if, if, if, if

    It is nice to come across a thread that is tolerable, among all of the emotional and reactionary venting here.  These first two games have been a gut punch for everyone.  But, the Bruins really can't play any worse, Thomas' rebounds can't keep going straight to Habs players, Chara should be back on the ice, and the PP has got to finally break through.  I still think the Bruisn are the better team, and if they can just start executing this could be one of those colossal momentum shifts where the pressure changes hands and the Bruins go on a tear.

    I'm not predicting anything.  I'm just saying the Bruins played two lousy games in a row plenty of times this year and then came back to redeem themselves.  If not, then I will be right in line with everyone else calling for Julien's firing, but until then let's get fired up for tonight and hope for the best.  

    It sure beats the other threads here finger pointing, whineing, and declaring which Canadiens rookies need to be considered "studs" two games into the playoffs(??)...
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    Re: If, if, if, if, if

    If the Bs had played better five on five hockey and kept Montreal from scoring then the Bs would be in better position.  I am of the belief that Healy, despite what all say about correctly about his commentary, is absolutely dead on.  For that matter I think it is Montreal's game plan.  "Nuetralize Boston's five on five play.  They won't score on the power play.  They are not capable of stopping out power play."  Enough of the excuses, win the gd game.  
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    Re: If, if, if, if, if