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Someone else....this team is so frustrating to watch. Tonight it was Ryder, late in the game, terrible blatant bonehead penalty. I mean seriously, in the Montreal zone, no play at all, 3 min left 2-0, and he pulls an idiot penalty. Wheelers penalty in OT was just as bad. Unfortunately it's not that far fetched when you're up by 2 goals and you limit yourselves to simple clearings because you have no breakout as everyones overly focused on defense.....I hate watching this team, I want my NHL Center Ice money back...this cr*ps not cheap. At least Seattle won today (closest NFL team to me and maybe we a chance to crush the Jets again). Special accolades to TT tonight for two soft goals to finish the choke. PLEASE MAKE SOME CHANGES.
Posted by deejm2112

I wish i could argue what you're saying but I can't.Rotten finish to a game Boston mostly dominated.