Watching the playoffs, I have completely changed my stance on the prospect of making a major push for Zach Parise. Free Agents like this just don't come around very often. He's a bruin type, superstar skills, but he hits, plays d, and grinds. With 30 goals plus in each of his last 5 seasons, I would say he's safe to sign long term.

So here is my idea of how the Bs can retool:
Sign Parise, 12 years/72 million - 6MM AAV.
Trade Krejci, Boychuk, and either a mid level pick or a prospect like Tommy Cross (lower level) to Phoenix for Keith Yandle, and the negotiating rights to Ray Whitney. 

Why this makes sense for both sides: it allows the bruins to move seguin to his natural position, and pick up a really good two way d man. They also get the rights to whitney, who I think would be a good fit in this lineup. For PHX. They have a ton of D, but desperately need a number one center. Sorry to those that don't buy the hype, but Krejci is a first line center, not an elite one, but most definitely a first line center. 

lines could look like this:

Parise - Seguin - Whitney
Marchand - Bergeron - Horton
Lucic - Kelly - Peverley
paille - campbell - thornton/caron

Chara - Yandle
Seidenberg - Hamilton
McQuaid - Ference

just thoughts, now rip them apart you jackals