Krejci 3.75M + Ryder 4M    = Brad Richards 7.8M 2Rings 1 MVP
Richards must be signed for this to work for B's.

Richards 696 points in 750 games, has missed only 38 games in 10 Years and is 30.
Krej  185 pts in 266 games already missed 12 games + 4 playoff games is 24
Ryd   321 pts in 520 games , missed 8 games but sat for 12 more, is 30.

Maybe they would even throw in Robidas for Stuart and Hamill.

The math is there for salary, Dallas would need drafts and we would need a signing.  It will not happen, but he would be a nice fit for Luc and Horton and a big loss going the other way.

To get the star player we need? or is it want, we will have to give up an extreme player or players to get him.

This goes for Iggy, Richards, Richards etc., the other players that are cusp are defin not worth the disruption and usually their salary and asking price is too big for their value, such as Kaberle, Gonchar etc. or they are players we wanted 5 years ago.