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    DId anyone notice him last night on the Ice?  I can recall one time -- thats it.

    By the way, I will restate this like I said a couple of weeks ago.  The Bruins were 0-3 vs Penquins this year in the the regular season.  Two of the games in Pittsburgh the Bruins were on the 2nd night of Back to backs on the road while the Penquins were rested,  and the only game in Boston was after the Boston Marathon Bombing. 

    My advice to Julien--- put Sequin back on the 1st Power Play.  2nd -- keep running at Letang-- he will take stupid penalties.  3rd for such a "strong skater" Malkin is-- he sure falls down easy to pick up a penalty.

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    Re: Iginla

    Iginla made a nice pass to Malkin on that rush......but Bergy made sure he didn't get to handle the puck long with that nice hook. :-)

    Other then that......he was pretty much casper the friendly ghost.

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    Re: Iginla

    Iggy ain't getting a Cup this year.

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