Everyone here is visiting the forums at least 10 times a day along with tsn and any sprts news website waiting for PC to make a deal. ( I AM )LOL of all the rhe speculation posted here, the only one that I see will happen is ( and yes theres talking going on) Is Dustin Brown coming to Boston. A perfect peice and fit financially sound player that is needed. As far as the D goes, like him or not, the other is souray. He was a nothing 2 years ago, edmonton couldnt give him away and dallas took a crak at him, just for one minute, imagine his style of play like Boychuk but with alot more expereince what will do for this team. Both of these are well worth going after because despite the fact we all want a Nash on this team isnt gonna happen. The one thing thats keeping PC from making a deal is, the fact that hes waiting to see who gets nash, and most notebly wanting to keep him out of NY so saying that, theres a possiblity that he will make a pursuit of nash also, he already knows what columbus wants from the Bs. If NY gets him now, thats a problem for the east (particulary the Bs ) not just now but a long time to come. So lets keep checking in on all the sports news.