I'm tired...

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    Re: I'm tired...

    I revel in hating Toronto hence "Toronto record tracker" thread cause it's fun. I'll still care next year because they are a division rival and watching Philaparazzi smile as he glides back to the bench after being held scoreless is priceless.

    I get what you saying DC but for me it's fun watching the Canadian hockey media trying to pump up the Laffs then watch that same media turn on Wilson and Burke is all. It's a fun soap opera not on daytime tv but a real reality.
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    Re: I'm tired...

    Haha, I hear ya but I'd love it even more if I didn't think "how does this effect the dynasty?" after everything they do (Kadri up and down, trading Kaberle, trading Versteeg, starting Reimer). I think the TOR media/fans are hillarious, but they'll be even more so when I don't really have to care.