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Important Win Friday

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    Important Win Friday

    To many times this season the Bruins have let the fans down with too many 3rd period let downs and lack of emotional play. This team is very lucky to be where they are because of good goaltending. Players who should be at the forfront are not where near where they should be and the Bruins can't roll 4 good lines making them not so hard to play against and scoring less because of no secondary scoring.

    This team needs to go back to basics and play the simple game that made them so good. CJ has made it confusing for the players and there is no consistancy on this team. They need to play hard and fight to keep their spirts up and not be soft as we have seen to many times this season.

    The game vs the Pens is very important to get even for the loss after the tragic events on Monday and prove to themselves and the Boston favorates this team wants to win. They have to hit and get into the game, get mad, even hit Mat Cooke for Savy anything to get our Bruins PLaying 60 minutes of hockey.

    If the Bruins win they take back 1st in their Division and are in better position to go on in the playoffs, a loss shows this team has lost faith in CJ and he should be replaced along with the of the rest of the coaching staff that can't make a talented team score on the powerplay.

     Pride and futures are on the line here and the Bruins better show they can beat the team they will have face to go in the playoffs. If they loose, well the character is not ther and we wait another year, This is a must win for the Bruins and their best game is of the essence.

    The Bruins need their best players to win and sitting Looch for this game is not a good idea, but Sunday vs the Panthers would be better but that is a coaching decision. Good luck BRUINS.

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    Re: Important Win Friday

    Of course I want to see them win but right now I'll settle for a well rounded gm where they skate hard, hit and not turn the puck over repeatedly. 

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    Re: Important Win Friday

    Considering what's going on in Boston today, we might be looking at another cancellation tonight for both the B's and Sox...

    ...if you haven't heard, the bombing suspects are on the loose and have killed a MIT of them is dead and the other on the run.

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    Re: Important Win Friday

    "To many times this season the Bruins have let the fans down with too many 3rd period let downs and lack of emotional play."

    Bruins are 10-2-0 when entering the 3rd tied. 13-4-3 when leading entering the 3rd, that is a .650 win percentage. Perhaps you missed all the psycho threads after the Buffalo SOL where this was brought up.


    You are correct about the Bruins emotional play but not about "many times".