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    I enjoyed the recent winning streak like everyone else but I still don't understand how the trades Chiarelli made have "improved" the team.

    The power play: It's still the most one-dimensional in the league. The forwards get it back to Kaberle (used to be Seidenberg) and he sets up Chara for a one-timer. That's it. When the puck goes deep the forwards are only looking to get it back to the point. i thought Lucic and Horton were supposed to be goal scorers. Why not plant them in front for something other than a deflection of Chara's shot and try to hit them with a pass. They are way too predictable. MTL has them read tonight. I'm so tired of the experts saying that Kaberle is helping the PP. He is not making any difference. The result is the same if not worse.

    The Bruins seem to be hard pressed to get more than 2 goals per game. How does acquiring Peverly and Kelly help here. They are just more third line help on a team that has no first line. They have helped defensively but they are non-exisitent on offense and this is the team's biggest hole right now: lack of finish.

    The Bruins still get waaaay too many odd man rushes that don't result in a shot on goal. this is ridiculous. Krejci had a a sweet 2 on 1 with Lucic in the 2nd tonight against MTL and as usual he held it too long and never even got a pass off. Why do defensive errors get addressed but stuff like this goes on all year with no notice from the coaching staff. With Boston even 3 on 1's don't end up in a shot on net. Crazy.

    These weren't bad trades but they didn't address the Bruins obvious weakness: their lack of finishing and their lack of consistency. The EDM game during the streak was an example of the latter. They just barely won against a terrible team. They should have beat Pitt and now they seem to be going bi-polar again. What did the trades change?
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    Re: Improved?

    Now we get to hear whenever wheeler does ANYTHING.
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    Re: Improved?

    Neely said a couple of months ago that the Bruins were not trying to win every game 1 to 0 but he is wrong. That is exactly what Chia is doing by not addressing the offense or lack of it. Horton is not a goal scorer, neither are Peverly or Kelly. This team has no #1 line.