In Case You Missed It

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    How about General Eisenhower?

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    Please Don't Miss This



    My Ron Popeil line must have really got to you. bawhaha

    You do realize that moron who does that on the Pats board is a Jets fan and works at a movie theater, right?

    Whenever he gets completely abused, mostly by me, in a debate, he runs away and creates some kind of a duplicate board name of mine because he's out of bullets and embarrassed.

    What's funny to me, in particular, is you find that funny, especially considering he's Jets troll who has many board names.  Since you're a troll here, it's interesting that you like other kinds of troll work.

    If you're in your 40s or 50s, you are a total loser at life.  Seriously, dude. You got some real problems if your whole source of entertainment in life is a Bruins game and swinging in and out threads here adding nothing to the discussions.

    Tell us again how you got a "handy" during a Bruins game in the balcony. How did the fat guys around drinking and smoking enjoy it?  LOL

    You phony.  Don't try so hard, you tool.

    I can smell crap from a mile away and you're full of it.


    Is having wolf like olfactory senses really something worth bragging about? 


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    Re: In Case You Missed It

    Whenever you get completely abused (every thirty minutes lately, if not sooner), you lash out with 4th grade antics.

    And you create a lot of screen names also.  But, that's because you keep getting banned for being such a dick.

    I've never been banned.  14K posts (sad but true) and counting.  BF1, RWTK, RWTKII, BFII...  If you keep getting kicked out and keep coming back, that's a heck of a lot worse than...eating poo.