In Chiarelli We Trust?

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    Re: In Chiarelli We Trust?

    I beg to differ on Krug he has really put a push on as to why he deserves a shot.

    Last 23GP

    6G 19A 25Pts +4 58shots 8Pims 3PPG 2GWG's as compared to his first 30GP

    3G 5A   8Pts   -8  71sh     23pims 0ppg 1gwg.


    Whether his size is his deterrance, I don't know but it was PC that brought him along.  Would like to see his true play, but numbers are all I can go by right now and they have been looking better.

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    Re: In Chiarelli We Trust?

    In response to red75's comment:

    I think this is a fallacy - three rookies were on the ice when we won the Cup, and they weren't there because of injuries. They were there because they earned their spot.

    Wrong Marchand wasn't a rookie, he played 20 games the year before and Caron didn't play in the playoffs till last season. Seguin is one!


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    Re: In Chiarelli We Trust?

    In response to Bookboy007's comment:

      If Sauve isn't a better option at centre than the guys they've had in Providence, then that doesn't bode well for that explanation that he would be more productive at C.  Marchand got 20 games because he contributed something - just not points.  Hamill got 20 games because there were flashes of the player the Bruins thought they were getting.  Early in that 20 games.  I have no problem with Claude or PC or whoever looking at these guys when they get a one game shot and saying "behind the play, wide-eyed, not strong enough, not physical enough" and yanking them.  Same with the decision about who comes up.  I have no problem with this conversation: "Donny, who should we bring up from Providence?  Cunningham just topped 20 goals again - should it be him?" "No, Pete.  Most of those are AHL goals. 


    But I think we just look at this differently.  If they develop and the Bruins win, they're great and I hope they have fabulous careers.  But if they cost the Bruins games or the Bruins aren't winning and they're playing in place of a veteran who might help, then they should be back to the farm.   I've always said F- that.  Earn it.  If you think you've earned it and you still haven't had a "real shot", suck it up buttercup and keep earning it.  When Marchand got the shot on the fourth line, he forced them to move him up.  He showed them the Bruins were a better team with him on the ice in a scoring role.


    Hamill never showed me or anyone else he deserved a 16 game call up in the AHL but got one. Somehow i'm supposed to believe Hamills flash was better than what Arniel did for a whole seson. Sauve was forced to play wing in the AHL becuase they didn't want him as a center there was no need with all the centers in Boston and he still potted 20 out of his natural position.


    Marchand forced them to look at him becuse he scored not becuse he had great flashy streaks. His goals were indeed AHL gaols, as Cassidy stated "you have to score down here to get a look in the NHL".

    Now we have two over-priced centers, one not scoring on the DL and the other in the rafters with a healthy scratch. I see the differnce, I want the Bruins draft picks developed so when two veteran centers go in the tank Providence has some offensive weapons that can come n be ready.

    One game evaluation is an absolute head shaker and Pete should have said so what to Marchand's AHL production. Yah just don't draft anymore F-it.

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    Re: In Chiarelli We Trust?

    Since his arrival, a Cup has followed. I'd have to say I trust his judgement.....even if some of the finger prints on the team are M.O'connel's.

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    Re: In Chiarelli We Trust?

    Tampa re-signs Nate Thompson for four years.  They got him off waivers from the Islanders.  The Islanders got him for free after Chiarelli put him on waivers from Boston.