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We did not get Horton for Wideman. Horton is here because of the #15 overall pick that was part of the trade. Well, probably a combination of the 2 but it was certainly not due to just Wideman. I too was at the game the other night. I didn't like the booing but I was all for the taunting chants of his name, etc. Anything to rattle him. We had to put up with that awful, awful season last year. I think the fans were ok to give him some grief. Several posters correctly state that he was classy and always gave a good effort so I agree there shouldn't have been booing. If he was playing poorly last year due to a bad should then shame on him and management for letting him play through it. He was hurting the team last year...he should have just gotten it fixed. Anyway, good luck Dennis. It was good to see that you actually got a couple shots on net the other night.
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Don't forget Campbell if you're going to nitpick about who was traded for what.Horton AND Campbell for Wideman and 15.