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Interesting news talk from local Toronto stations

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    Interesting news talk from local Toronto stations

    I been listening to local radio stations. They are very frustrated with Burke  pick ups Phaneuf is over rated shows up one gm. and disappears the next. Kessel is one dimensional no back checking etc.. The rumour mill is escalating fire Wilson. Media are sick of the promises we are rebuilding a team the leafs organization been saying this since the Gilmour days and the same old leafs rebuilt team win, win lost lost lost lost lost no play offs again.Cry

    Here we are the Bruins fan whining about our team trade him or trade this guy, he is bum etc.. I am guilty of assassinating Bruins as of late but when I hear the local stations talk about the leafs; I say to myself I like being a Bruins fan. Myself being southern Ontario Canadian Bruins Celtics and Red Sox fan and seeing the Celtics finally win a championship and Red Sox 2 world series. Then I get in a mind rut why can't the Bruins win the cup. Patience is tolerance, took a long time for the Sox to win the series and the Cetics after being one the most prominent basketball teams won the championship. Yell

    Take a look at Chicago Black Hawks finally a cup, white sox world series and Jordan basektball era; and their faithful Cubs one day they will win a world series maybe.Undecided

    I just hum the tune don't worry be happyLaughing
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    Re: Interesting news talk from local Toronto stations

    All a team can do is put themselves in the best possible position they can to make a serious run at the cup.  Once the playoffs start, any team is capable of beating any other team.   See Montreal vs. Pittsburg and Washington last season for example.

    The Bruins are a team that succeeds in doing what they can to make themselves a contender.   They have almost twice the number of wins than losses, the offense has improved over the last month, and they have the best goals against in the league.   With a trade deadline pickup or two, the Bruins will have just as good a shot as any other team.

    The Leafs on the other hand haven't put themselves in position for the playoffs in years, let alone be a contender.   Bad trade after bad trade, bad drafting, and the media bubble all make life difficult for Leaf fans.  In comparison, we really do have it good being Bruin fans.
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    Re: Interesting news talk from local Toronto stations

    The Bruins need a legitimate sniper or game breaker, I know, you will all say that Pittsburgh got Crosby because they got the number one pick and Washington same thing with Ovechkin. But the Bruins always prefer a "Lunch Pale" approach of working hard and using 3rd/4th liners which will help but, talent and skill will usually prevail over hard work because talented and skilled players can also work hard as well and have the talent to burn the opposition.