Is Anthony Camara the answer?

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    Re: Is Anthony Camara the answer?

    I thought Camara looked real good at the Wolrd Juniors... for what he is.  In a dream world he's another Lucic.  I think in a more realistic world he might be another Thornton.  He hits hard and has decent skills.  I think the Bruins may look for him as a fourth liner next year after Thornton's contract is up.  That's also where Lucic and Marchand got their start.  A year in Providence will do him good.

    The third line spot to me is there for an older prospect with scoring skill.  Smith, Frasier and Caron would be front-runners, with Seth Griffen and Ryan Spooner being real oustide contenders.

    I think it's Smith's spot to lose.  He's already played half a year in the NHL, ripped it up at college and in the AHL, and has the skill set that best replaces the role Seguin filled last year in the playoffs.  If he can handle the NHL, he would provide some skill and finish to the third line.

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    Re: Is Anthony Camara the answer?

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    That makes allot of sense, need to send Barrie's coach I nice thank you gift.

    Coaches like whistles

    In the Winnipeg papers Chipman and Chevy have heaped a lot of praise on Hawerchuk for how he's helped Scheifele's development. Seems that the Bruins could be doing the same for Camara.