Is Chia done???

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    Is Chia done???

    I believe his main goal currently is to sign Tuukka to a long term deal & get Patrice an extension.

    As it sits it seems like 3 of the 4 lines are pretty much set... the third line will comprise of Kelly centering Soda and.......??  Reilly Smith & I guess some Prov B's / prospects will battle for that '12th spot'..

    Dont shoot me for saying this but i would love the B's to look at Mason Raymond for that 3rd line.. He has speed experience and some scoring ability. IMHO - If healthy i think he can be in that 18-22 goal category. I will be honest I havn't seen much of him, but what i have i liked alot. I wasnt much of a Peverly fan towards the end but i did like the fact that his speed caused some headaches for opponents and Mason can fly.



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    Re: Is Chia done???

    yes....  apparently just crossing the t's and dotting the i's on Tuukka & Bergy deals....

    needs to leave a job or two open for camp battles....

    PC'S prepared the B'S for another kick at Lord Stanley....

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