Because that's the only way it makes sense to sign him to a long term deal at 7. I'm not sure what's making these GM's open the vault for RFA's because if there's no worries of an offer sheet, it makes little sense to sign them to offer sheet type money. Paying RFA's as if they are UFA's is a trend that's causing salaries to skyrocket and I don't like it a bit. Let the guy sign an offer sheet and then match it if need be. This business of matching an offer that never comes in makes little sense in the long run. Sakic is a good example of a guy who signed an offer sheet, only to see it matched by the Avs and it caused no ill will between Sakic and his team. If GM's are unwilling to use the leverage that RFA status provides then it makes little sense for them to have it. People can rip Garth Snow for lots of the moves he's made but he should be applauded for re-signing Tavares for another 6 years at a very reasonable cap-hit of 5.5 million. Here's hoping PC can eventually get Seguin signed to a deal somewhere in that neighbourhood.