Is this crazy talk?

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    Re: Is this crazy talk?

    ...I should leave it at that, but....

    Is Nash really a transformative player?  How much better are the Bruins with him instead of Krejci and Rask?  Think about it in those terms.  How many more games do you think they win with him instead of those two?  Last year, as the first line left win in Columbus, he had 32 goals and 66 points.  Last year, Lucic had 30 goals and 62 points as the first line left wing on the Bruins.  Now, I am nowhere near saying Lucic is as good an offensive player as Nash, but the fact they're even close statistically suggest Nash isn't a transformative player - a player that elevates teh entire team.  I wouldn't discount the idea that his production has been limited by his teammates, or that his production would stick closer to PPG, 40g levels if he played with Seguin.  But I'm not sure that that makes the Bruins enough better to make any real difference.  Great player - and the face of the franchise in Columbus, so you'd have to pay a premium - but even great things can be too expensive.
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    Re: Is this crazy talk?

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    Nash isnt a center either.   They also have Mason locked up.  Nash is also a franchise world class elite player on every level.  Start with Seguin and throw in Marchand with a few 1st rounders and you might get them to answer the phone the next time. 
    Posted by shuperman

    wait... Columbus would take that trade in a heartbeat....
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    Re: Is this crazy talk?

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    Thinking way outside the box here. Considering many factors (RFA status, team needs, motivation for a shake up), I just envisioned a trade that I am am not even sure I would consider but the more I think about it, the more I like it. Here you go: To Columbus:  Krejci, Rask and a pick or two (1st and/or a 2nd) To Boston:  Rick Nash Both Krejci and Rask are RFA's and combined will probably come in around the same cap hit as Nash.  Columbus is starving for a starting goalie and might be getting to the point of considering a major shake up (ala Bruins trading Thornton).  Several valuable assets (long term) going to Columbus which could make them better in the long run. Nash gives Boston that legit #1 centre.  Nash as a Bruin?  Wow! this crazy, dreamer talk?
    Posted by misterpaulo

    There is no way Columbus agrees to this deal unless Boston throws in Hamill.
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    Re: Is this crazy talk?

    "Is this crazy talk"

    In short, yes. Yes it is. Sorry....