In response to "Re: It's The Powerplay! It's the Powerplay! No, it's not.":
Poor shots, low jam in front of net. When the bruins get out-shot, they usually win. When they had that long losing stretch they outshot opponents all the time. Less bad shots, more good ones. Simple. I hate watching players cruise down and take bad shots. Posted by OatesCam
Spot on with this post. Outshooting doesn't always mean outplaying, either. Look at the Finals last year. How many games were the Bruins outshot? Without looking, my guess is all of them. But they still vastly out played their opponent. I feel like the Bruins have outplayed the Capitals this series, but not because of their shot amount, there are many other reasons for that. I do feel like they have not challenged Holtby enough with, as you said, their cruising down and taking bad shots. Traffic in front and rebounds. That's how they'll win this. I've been saying it from day one, they just haven't done it. They need to get into Holtby's face a little and rough him up, too. Hopefully stay away from goalie interference calls, but do it enough to throw him off his game.