Its time to cut Ryder

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    Re: Its time to cut Ryder

    I was disturbed by Ryder's comments after the 1st benching....

    “I didn’t think I was playing bad bad. I thought I was skating pretty well. It’s just that people thought this was the best way to go about it, I guess.’’

    Obviously the guy doesn't get it yet, but maybe a few more in the press box will wake him up.

    If Ryder can get it going, the Bruins have better playoff depth on the 3rd and 4th by going with Seguin/Peverly/Ryder and then Kelly/Campbell/Thornton-Paille. Then again, I would want no part of that unless Ryder is showing some effort. For now, good for Julien to sit him down.
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    Re: Its time to cut Ryder

    I'd like to send Ryder to Providence, and bring in Caron, but it won't happen. Claude will try to motivate Ryder so he will be on the ice soon. He will start with Bergeron because Marshy plays hard wherever he plays, and then Ryder will be dropped down or sat down whatever suits. He's a Newfie, probably loves his beer.
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    Re: Its time to cut Ryder

    Ryder's best fit is on the 4th line in the playoffs.


    This means thornton takes a seat but in this lineup everyone has something to contribute to the game of hockey. I thikn Paille-Soupy-Ryder would suit Ryder well at this point, he doesnt really work hard or pass the puck  but Soupy and Paille both work extremely hard and generally cause the puck to bounce around inside the hashmarks. This is where Ryder could snap it in.
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    Re: Its time to cut Ryder

    In Response to Re: Its time to cut Ryder:
    In Response to Re: Its time to cut Ryder : I would not put any of these in Paille's category. While I don't think Kelly adds much to the B's Peverley and Campbell do. Peverley has potential to back the opposing D up and Campbell adds a lot more than Paille all around. Kelly should center the 4th line and Campbell needs a shot at the 3rd with Seguin and Peverley. It was nice not seeing Ryder go through the motions of a winger!!!!!!!
    Posted by jwb413

    I agree they are all better than Paille. I was just trying to show that the B's have plenty of lunchpail guys which is what Paille is at this point in his career. 

    I am not a Ryder fan so I have no problem with him not being in the line-up  nor do I mind too much if he is in it. But to think somehow that Paille is an upgrade is absurd. Ryder has 5 gwg's this season, Paille has none.

    Is Ryder worth 4 mill? Nope. And I will be happy to see him gone at the end of the year. But until then we might as well use him and put him in opportunities where he can succeed.
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    Re: Its time to cut Ryder

    Again, I'm not upset with Ryder as others are, and I feel he can still be a guy waiting in the wings to play if necessary. I just don't think he is filling much of a role on the team. This is something that Chiarelli must have some influence on with Julien, who does have a soft side for Ryder's upside...deza makes the point about power play goals, and he's got a fantastic shot, but who has to be on his line for him to be effective? Someone has to deliver pinpoint passes. One guy on the team has that ability--Krecji....You can make a case that Kelly and Peverly have been somewhat non-existent at times...Ryder's days might be numbered, or like I said, play him now, and see if he can regain the scoring touch. I'd like him to get that opportunity. If he's a hot scorer, it's a major upside. Maybe he could be a PP specialist and play 10 min of the game, but if it results in a goal, great.
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    Re: Its time to cut Ryder

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    Ryder will start in the 1st round because of that special place in his heart Julien has for Ryder Michael will play ok pot a few goals during mop up games then disappear during the 2nd round after fooling his supporters again. I don't agree with Milbury allot but during the 2nd intermission of the Habnot game Mike was spot on "Why is Ryder even out there!?!?" He should never see the ice again in a Bruins game he's useless now and should only be used if as mentioned if there is an injury too bad that won't happen.
    Posted by SanDogBrewin

    SanDog, I heard that too. It was a reference to missing a nice pass out front of the Montreal goal.  Ryder completely muffed it.  

    To the others, Ryder is a glyder.  He is not a bad player per se.  Certainly not worth 4 million.  But who offered him the contract? If he is signed to a one or two year deal worth 2 million, the chances are the Bs will sign him as Caron et al may not be ready for the NHL.  If he goes elswhere, hope he does well.  

    BTW listening to how Ryder is a negative person in the clubhouse is like Celtics fans complaining that Rondo is angry about Perk being traded.  Plain guess work!  

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    Re: Its time to cut Ryder

    I've been a Ryder fan from the start, and not just cause I know the guy!   However that being said, this isn't a good year for him.  His role on the team should be minimal at this point.  I suspect he was shopped around this season, but there were no takers at the price the Bruins deemed reasonable.

    If nothing else he is a depth forward in case of injuries this playoffs.   You can't have enough healthly skaters as we found out last year.
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    Re: Its time to cut Ryder

    Ryder ,The Sleeper just waiting to wake up ,wait till the playoffs he will be leading the team in goals ,Innocent

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    Re: Its time to cut Ryder

    Ryder is really lucky to have a coach like CJ throughout his career. Breaks after breaks after breaks. Why can't he stop embaressing him and play better ?

    I don't think it has gone through his thick skull that next year he maybe out of a job. 

    I'd sit him for the next while. Paille plays hard, skates, can kill penalties and has never complained. 

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    Re: Its time to cut Ryder

    "Its time to cut Ryder"

    this is an incorrect statement.