Jack Edwards

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    In Response to Re: Jack Edwards : Where are you from? Here in Southern Ontario, I can't get Nesn on the Center Ice because all of the playoff games are nationally televised.
    Posted by jpBsSoxFan

    I live in Seattle, WA.  It's nice cause I get the Candian lineup locally, and add Center Ice, VS & NHL Net to that, plus fox sports... I get everything.  Not one blackout this season (2nd season in a row.)
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    Re: Jack Edwards

    To listen to Glen Healy at a volume 1 is still worse than listening to Jack at volume 10. Really a CBC Nationally broadcasted game So Biased! At least Jack gives each team credibility.
    I listened to the Kings game and their announcers were Horrible! Didn't know half the Bruins line-up. Unbelievable that Jack gets a bad rap when there are so many worse announcers out there.
    I do like Pitts announcer. Gets excited when scoring chances are there or great saves.
    In closing, I like Jach and Brick. Could be, I also am a Bruins fan.
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    GET PUMPED, Jack Edwards Style!