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Jeff Skinner leading all rookies

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    Re: Jeff Skinner leading all rookies

    carolina is not in the same situation as boston, thankfully, a rookie does not belong on our first line
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    Re: Jeff Skinner leading all rookies

    Carolina is 4 points back of the Bruins. Which different situation are they in?
    This is a manpower issue, a Chiarelli/Julien/scouting issue. The Bruins need Mike Richards not Nathan Horton, a go through walls, do whatever is necessary leader of the Forward Corps.
    The Bruins defence corps is neither deep nor talented enough, it is not a deep Playoff defence, it is lacking and everyone knows it. Rask/Thomas face 35+ a night and are keeping the team competitive (different situation than Carolina?).
     I don't like Julien's style either. But he is either a Coach who doesn't have a good system for the talent he's got or he is a coach who is doing the best he can with what the talent he's got. He is either dense or pragmatic.

    But given all the talk of his much-vaunted defence-first, don't leave your own zone without turning the lights out system, I've come to the conclusion; that Julien is doing the best he can with what he's got;
    Julien doesn't have enough 'compete' at Forward (just one blood n guts guy to offset? compliment? motivate any of Wheeler, Ryder, Horton, Savard, Krejci on a shift-to-shift basis (see Mike Richards)));
    Julien doesn't have enough talent at defence, (just one guy with mobility, experience and confidence to push any of Mcquaid, Boychuk, Kampfer, Ference to the edge of the depth chart every night)
    Julien has Thomas, buying him time and saving his job everynight.

    Everyone here, knows what kinda team it takes to get past the second Round in the Playoffs, everyone here knows what a team fighting for 8th place perennially looks like. That's why no one here, is doing unequivocal cartwheels over a team - depending on how you look at them - that is either First Place in an under-performing division, (hence a shaky 3rd in a Conference Standing system only the NHL could come up with) or a team that is one loss away (tonight?) from from fighting for that last Playoff position.

    Walk before the Flyers make us run, get the players you need, make a trade. Probably should be a big painful one, too.

    then fire the Coach.
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    Re: Jeff Skinner leading all rookies

    In Response to Re: Jeff Skinner leading all rookies:
    carolina is not in the same situation as boston, thankfully, a rookie does not belong on our first line
    Posted by pbergeron37

    That's my whole point. Maybe a rookie DOES belong on our first line. Our first line isn't exactly lighting it up. Nor is our second line. Or third line. The first line of Lucic, Krejci, Horton lit it up for the first ten or so games of the season, then quieted down. Skinner has been producing regularly on a top line on a team with less overall talent than the Bruins up front. As Awry noted, they're four points behind us in the standings, although the Bruins have one game in hand. Their record over the last ten games is identical to the Bruins (5-3-2). Skinner is one of four out of the top ten in the 2010 draft to be playing in the NHL this season. He earned his way onto an NHL roster in training camp, same as Seguin, and is being given a chance to excel on an NHL roster, and doing just that. The Bruins are handling Seguin in a completely different manner, and I'm pointing out that the results speak for themselves. Maybe if the Bruins had let Seguin go out and have fun and play hockey while learning the game at the NHL level, the results might be different. Pure speculation, of course, but I'm using Skinner as an example of what can happen when you take that approach. Would Seguin respond the same? No idea, but I suspect he might, especially given the fact that he looks like he's scared to make mistakes or play out of position for fear of being benched.
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    Re: Jeff Skinner leading all rookies

    Skinner Seguin similar to the Sams and Thor deal a few years back.

    Seg will have the better career, but Skinner will be no slouch, I wanted the B's to go after him so bad last year and mentioned it on many posts b4 the draft. I also was looking at Toffoli, but he is in minors with Spooner and Knight.