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John Tavares

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    Re: John Tavares

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    Chiarelli should go after this kid. I read somehwere he wont sign in NY after this contract. I would give them Seguin, Wheeler and Stuart or Ference (hate him). Seguin has a lot of potential, but Tavares has the same potential and is way better right now. He would make the Bruins a lot better for sure. I would think the Islanders would take this deal (Seguin's portential and two legit NHLers that we dont need anymore). Caron can do what Wheeler is doing (and more) and he's younger and McQuid needs to stay. This is a good trade both ways.  
    Posted by ryder73

    Point one "I read somewhere" no source provided I cant find any thing that supports this claim. Wheeler and Stuart are baggage in this deal. Seems like everyone thinks you can throw them into a deal and it turns p00p into popsicles.

    JT is also the face of their franchise and seguin has yet to prove anything. You compared it to the Pederson Neely trade correct? In this case we'd be getting pederson not Neely.

    Its not realistic at all its way to drastic and strange to ever get considered. I have a feeling that if you called up NYI you wouldnt even finish saying "tavar" before you'd hear  click.
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    Re: John Tavares

    Neely  Pederson isn't a remotely close comparision.. Neeley was up coming, a banger on his upswing.. Pederson at the time was a superior player who had suffered injury..he was a risk, and neely was an unknown with promise.

    Trading Savard for say Couture would be a much better comparision (if savard was younger) to neely pederson