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    Re: JOKE

    My point was that saying the Bruins are terrible is as rediculous as my wheeler statement.  If you think nothing has changed, you need to pay attention.  The Bruins were 29th in offense last year and 5th this year.  I guess you failed to notice that.  Every single team in the league has had a bad loss this year.  If you don't think a team, no matter how good, will have a bad loss or a bad week, you have unrealistic expectations and will never be happy with this or any other team.  As far as weather the Bruins can go all the way, well that is something we can debate endlessly and it could make for some interesting discussion with varied opinions.  Calling the team a Joke is just over-the-top, uninformed and annoying.
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    Re: JOKE

    prisoners of the moment... news flash---- no team has ever gone 82-0, and you can't win a cup in february.