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Jordan Caron Heating Up

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    Re: Jordan Caron Heating Up

    Agree with Roler and Fletch.

    Goalies are more hit and miss than any other draft picks, don't waste solid early rounders.  Use later rounders and pray for some luck because that is all it really is. 

    There are a ton of backups available, TO should have another one ready for us in a couple of years when TT retires and Rask needs some new help.

    Looked at Boxscore last night, seen Cohen Caron and Hamill the hilights of the game.

    What is important is that CARON SCORED 2 PPG's in one game.
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    Re: Jordan Caron Heating Up

    I would use a first rounder in a heart beat if..

    we needed goal tending in the next 1-2 years (if we did not have rask I would be expecting a high draft goalie)

    and 2) if we were getting a top end prospect with that pick.. There should be enough scouting to know, such and such year is going to be heavy on goalies, we can draft a kid in x round who should be able develop into an nhl starter..

    Its just hard to use a high draft pick to address a position you dont need (i am thinking pats drafting QB's etc)..  The bruins can use picks right now on the high risk "grand slam" goalies cause its not a need..perfectly ok with that unless we think were getting a kid who could displace rask...
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    Re: Jordan Caron Heating Up

    All well and good to say we don't need a "goaltender of the future" because of TR, but what if TR gets hurt?  What if he goes back to Finland?  What if he holds out for $7M on his next contract?  What if it turns out he can't correct the problem he's had on and off with top shelf goals against?  As long as TR is the guy who played lights out last year, great.  But I really hate being thin at a position like goaltender.

    Let's also remember that Rask was drafted 21st in 2005 as a sure fire stud goaltender - "best goalie not in the NHL."  If the Bruins are looking to draft a goalie this summer, you can bet on them following the same cautious path with him as they did with Rask, which means 4-5 years before he gets a sniff of NHL action, if then (two-three years of junior + two years in Providence).  Bring him up as a back-up finally where he apprentices to Rask, who would be going on 30.  If he backs up Rask for a couple of years and looks like a star in the making, the worst case is he's trade bait.

    Draft the next goalie prospect now and you can afford to be patient.  Draft him when Rask is approaching UFA status and you could be in trouble.
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    Re: Jordan Caron Heating Up

    I agree that the Bruins need to plan for the future and that goalies take a long time to develop, but they are so unpredictable that using a 1st round draft pick gives you no kind of assurance that you have addressed the problem.


    The variables mentioned above for Rask could be said about any player in any sport (could get injured, refuse to sign, leave the country, whatever).  The bottom line is that the Bruins appear to have a very good goalie in his early 20’s who looks the part of franchise goalie.  Could that fall apart?  Of course (Raycroft).  But every other position could fall apart too.


    I would prefer that the Bruins draft one goalie prospect every year between the 5th and 7th rounds (like Gothberg).  In addition, they could look to trade for goalie prospects (like Rask) and sign free agents (like Dalton).  Then you are playing the percentages and hoping one or two work out. 


    I would prefer to see the top round picks used on forwards and defensemen -- much more predictable talent at that age and shorter development.  Let other teams use top round picks to try to develop goalies – it rarely works.

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    Re: Jordan Caron Heating Up

    cant see how prov. guys are playing so well as everyone is saying yet sit dead last   but i like caron