Just 1 Small Problem: The Hockey Games

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    Just 1 Small Problem: The Hockey Games

    You know, that trivial thing called a Hockey Game..where 2 teams compete Head to Head for either 60 or 65 minutes?

    Yup, that dumb thing...where turnovers, one on one battles, and passing mean something???

    Bruins have won ONE game all MONTH..very few in recent weeks.

    Last time they won a Hockey Game was against Washington.

    You know..that competiton in which two teams try to score against each other?

    The kind of game they ONLY play in the Playoffs?

    In the regular season you can p--s away a TWO goal 3rd period lead against a 1-line team like last night...p---s away TWO two period leads like the Nashvile game Saturday. Who cares? The Tyler Seguin Pist Game Skills Competiton always bails you out. 7 out of 8 times! Who needs Hockey Games? OVER RATED

    I know I'm nitpicking right??

    Dumb Troll who pointed out we're a .500 hockey team either side of the last years wining streak.

    Who cares?

    Claude Julien does.

    Don't feed the Pumpers!
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    Re: Just 1 Small Problem: The Hockey Games

    Everyone knows they haven't played that well. Fans know that, coach knows that, players know that.

    So what's your point?

    If your point is the Bs are going nowhere and won't win anything, you have that 2011 Stanley Cup and that win streak in November as evidence that the team has the potential to win it again.

    Relax, it's a midseason lull. What do you want them to do? Blow up the team?