No offense, to anyone but I don't normally post here because the homerism here is so over the top compared to the Celts and Pats forums.

But I'm seeing a lot of negativity here. Look, I grew up in the 80s. I saw a lot of losing. Hell, the Celtics were the only team that ever won anything in my lifetime prior to 2001. I was conditioned (in the early part of my life) to expect sports failure. My teams were constantly gagging. To this day, even though my teams have put together an unprecedented collection of championships, I'm still a pessimist by nature. I can't help it. It's in my sports fan DNA.

But this Bruins team? They are far too talented to be this bad. I am not worried about this team. They still have one of the best goalies on the planet. They still have on offensive system I believe in. And when they put it together again the way they did in November and December I really don't see any team that is capable of beating them 4 times in a 7 game series. No matter where they play. Home ice would be nice. But I don't really think it matters.

This team slept walk through a lot of last season and then turned into a completely different team once the playoffs started. It's not the ideal situation. You would like to see them maintain the same intensity for 82 games. But they have proven they can flip a switch.

This team will be right there in the end competing for a cup. I can think of two games this year were they played hard and lost. And one of them was the Vancouver game where the refs absolutely handed the Canucks the game.

This team will be fine Some people need to chill.