Kaberle looked old last night

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    Kaberle looked old last night

    I say go with a younger defenseman. If Bogosian is available he'd be much better. Kaberle looks like there's not a lot left in the tank. Granted, he plays for the Leafs but the Bruins don't exactly look Cup-bound either.

    If Chris Kelly and Kaberle are all that Chia can acquire with all the tools he had available to him then he should be sacked. let's hope he has more up his sleeve. If not, then it's time to focus more on the Red Sox.
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    Re: Kaberle looked old last night

    Yes, a complete non-factor. You get the sense that he has already left the leafs in mind if not in body.

    That being said, I think Kaberle is exactlly what we need for the moment...a true PP pointman. He will definitely be an upgrade over Recchi. However, he is not a long-term solution so PC better not overpay especially since he does not have to in this situation. As of now, Kaberle only wants to go to one team (Bruins) and his play has been slipping of late so he will not be as expensive as you may think.