This can only mean one thing. Wheeler not being involved opens the door to acquire Brad Richards from Dallas which would put Kelly on the left wing on the 4th line with Paille getting waived or being part of a "dump" deal.

A deal mentioned recently had a scenerio where BOS would send Wheeler, 1st rnd (2011), 2rnd (2011) and Hamill to DAL fro Brad Richards. Its a steep price but with Ryder and Recchi coming off the books and a possible retirement from Savard the Bruins wil have more than enough room to sign the All-Star center to a long term deal.

If the Bruins obtain Richards and Spooner continues to skyrocket up the BRuins' charts and Seguin takes the next step it may not be out of reach if for the Bruins to push Krejci out of the picture possibly over the summer or next season.

Krejci's inconsistant play goes back to last season, although was a crucial part of the B's during the playoffs. With only 9g and 41pts while playing with the Bruins' top guns for most of the season does reflect well on a player many thought could become a 1A center.

Edmonton has called BOS pertaining to Krejci ofr the last 2 seasons. Maybe a Krejci for Hemsky swap is the future plans. I hope not, and also hope Krejci snaps out of it. Great player.