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They're both bad defensive defensemen. But Kampfer hasn't shown much. He's just Hunwick Lite. The B's should package him off and start colllecting some up-front talent. The kids on this team's farm list can't even score in the AHL, except for Caron, Arniel and Sauve. I predict great things from Spooner next season, Knight will be a potential 2nd liner in a few years, but we need some big bangers who can score, and Kampfer might be decent bait for that. We have enough Kampfer types already (Alexandrov, Bartkowski, etc.) But to answer the immediate question, play the heck out of Kaberle this round, then sign and trade him. The man is a waste of a 1st round, second round, and Colborne talent pool that the Bruins really could have used. Makes me distrust their scouts greatly that they went after Kaberle with such determination.
Posted by OrrEspoCash

I don't think Kampfer is Hunwick Lite.He was very impressive .I am not sure we have many D like him:McQuaid,Chara,Seidenberg are good solid D but not overly mobile .Perhaps Kampfer will start out next year as the 7th D and work his way into the lineup.