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    kerry's rules

    Just read Kerry Fraser's responce questioning the delay of game call on AAron Johnson in the Montreal game. Fraser acknowledges that Johnson's deflection, for many years, was "usually" ignored , especially late in the game. However he qualified it by saying the interpretation today makes it mandatory for refs to call "any" over the glass result a delay of game penalty, because the defending player is expected to make a "positive play" on the puck, not just a swat. Hopefully the officials have made this clear to the players as some of us older viewers thought it was a bum call

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    Re: kerry's rules

    I read this too, its unfortunate that they take away a refs discretion on a play like that, its auto and i hate it.

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    Re: kerry's rules

    The B's didn't lose because of the penalty.. they lost because of a flukie Chara own goal.

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    Re: kerry's rules

    I would also say that the puck off Seidenberg's stick to his face, to the  Hab's stick looking at a wide open net was a bit odd too.

    A bad pinch by Ference with a 4-2 lead(& no too many men penalty during that play either) contributed to a bizarre, demoralizing finish....

    Not excuses, only reasons.