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Kessel: 4 More Points Vs Montreal: 25 Goals

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    Re: Kessel: 4 More Points Vs Montreal: 25 Goals

     as far as your argument about lucic having 5 en goals,your actually making everyones point  kessel dont score empty net goals because he is too much of a defensive liability to be on the ice protecting a late lead.
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    Re: Kessel: 4 More Points Vs Montreal: 25 Goals

    In Response to Re: Kessel: 4 More Points Vs Montreal: 25 Goals:
    ok 1 question honestly right now today if we could have seguin or kessel for this season's playoff run  who would you take?  next season is next season  im talking about this seasons playoff run kessel or seguin on this bs team....  trade intended for future? why do we keep building for the is here and we have a shot at the cup...go for it! 
    Posted by bruins8


    I would not want Kessel. 
    I would not want Thornton.
    I would not want Kovalev* (depending on which Kovalev shows up, but that's the problem) 
    I would not want Komiserak. 
    I would not want Phaneuf. 
    I would not want Montador.
    I would not want Wideman.
    I would not want Wheeler.
    I would not want Ryder.

    No matter what talent all of these guys have, they have one of the following faults;
    just don't show up at the right time
    they will disappear for multiple games
    play for themselves
    make the wrong play at the wrong time to kill momentum
    seem like they are playing soft even if they aren't
    seem like they are playing for themselves even if they aren't
    do something totally idiotic
    take stupid penalties

    It is subtle, but it is important.  I believe one big difference the Bruins are doing better right now is because they DON'T have Wheeler.  He was a momentum killer in some odd way.

    Guys like Marchand spark up your team.  They will take one for the team.  Other guys won't.

    Who would I rather have than Kessel - just from the Leafs:
    #1 Above and beyond Kessel by a mile - Grabovski.
    #2 MacArther

    For defenseman I would take Schenn.

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    Re: Kessel: 4 More Points Vs Montreal: 25 Goals

    It was actually for " I demand a 5 million dollar contract, I hate Clod, I play the game for myself" Kessel for 3 kids who could be the future of the B's organization. So it was for the future. I like a balanced team who can rely on more than just one player to score goals. Look at Detroit in the last 15-20 years. They've been so well balanced and have faired pretty well with it. I would take where the B's are now (top 5 scoring, top 5 d team) then where they would be with the one way one testicled Kessel.